In the ancient customs of the alpine regions the devil (we call it "Krampus/Tuifl") is a figure of scariness which accompanies St Nicholas in the Advent season.
While St Nicholas gives the wellbehaved kids presents, the devil - the evil opponent of St Nicholas, punishes the naughty kids.
Traditionally, the devil day ("Krampus day"), is on the 5th of December and the festivity of St Nicholas on the 6th of December.
Generally though, both figures appear together in the evening of the 5th of December.

St Nicholas procession in Castelbello-Ciardes/Kastelbell-Tschars
Every year on 4 December, the traditional St. Nicholas procession of the Pfoffagonder Tuifl takes place in Castelbello/Kastelbell. The procession starts in the Marein district and then heads to the village square, where St Nicholas hands out his presents to the children.
On 5 December, the traditional St. Nicholas procession of the Tschars farmers' youth takes place in the village centre of Tschars. The parade starts at the lower car park in Tschars and continues to the village square where the parcels are distributed.