The ancient tradition of winegrowing in Val Venosta began before the Romans, was further developed in the Middle Ages by the monks, and experienced a contemporary revival that started in the 1970s. Today, members of  the  Val  Venosta  winegrowing  association  include  professional  wineries as well as the smallest amateur
wine  makers,  who  all  cultivate  the vineyards  on  the  labour-intensive terraces  on  Monte  Sole  with  great commitment.
Since 1995 Val Venosta has  been  a  DOC-zone  (denomination  of  controlled  origin).  The  inns and  hotels  in  the  area  are  the  best partners  of  the  winegrowers  and
are  committed  to  offering  the  local wines. Speciality weeks and joint activities  form  the  ideal  symbiosis  of winegrowing and gastronomy.