For the Feast of the Assumption on 15th August, the „Hohe Frauentag“ („high womens‘ day“) is an important celebration in Tyrol, bouquets are made of herbs and hallowed at the celebratory mass.
The composition of the bouquets is determined by ancient recipes which vary slightly from valley to valley. Wormwood is an essential component in our area, together with St. John’s Wort, Mint, Mullein, Yarrow, Balm etc., Marigolds or Sunflowers serve as colourful decoration. The „Buschen“ are supposed to contain seven herbs, als old country women know, the holy number seven shows that this custom is also older than the Christian mission.

When there is danger of lightning, the hallowed „Buschen“ herb bouquets shall be burnt in the hearth fire. Our lightning conductors are a lot more reliable, even so, the wonderful fragrance is a temptation to join in.