Hiking, cycling and mountain biking, climbing, fishing and adventure sports. A summer in Castelbello and Ciardes in the Lower Venosta Valley is diverse and offers a wide variety of fun and leisure activities. This diverse and sunny cultural region is best explored via hiking or mountain bike, and Castelbello boasts a dense and well-marked network of trails for cyclists, hikers and Nordic walkers, with many inns and huts in the valley and pastures.

Here, holiday-makers can enjoy eventful excursions to the local Alpine pastures and informative thematic trails such as the Mythenweg (mythical trail) and the Burgenweg (castle trail). The irrigation channel paths are particularly popular with families, while the more adventurous can look forward to special castle tours in the Texel group and Oetztal Alps as well as multi-day hikes, for example on the Venosta Valley High Altitude Trail.