When autumn has arrived and the harvest is brought in, wine cellars and taverns all over Venosta Valley open their gates to begin Törggelen, the traditional convivial gathering known in all winegrowing areas of South Tyrol.

Törggelen (which derives from Torculum, the wine press) means to together taste the produce of the year, especially the young wine along with chestnuts. Today, it starts with simple dishes such as fresh local pasta varieties and salads followed by main dishes with Sauerkraut, meat and dumplings. At the end, the chestnuts are served – roasted in an iron pan over an open fire – together with homemade Krapfen (donuts) filled with poppy seed, apricot jam or chestnut cream.

Some of the best wine taverns and inns of the country are located in Castelbello-Ciardes/Kastelbell-Tschars, thus several innkeepers were rewarded for quality and service.