The Bergl Hut in Trafoi and the Düsseldorfer Hut and Tabaretta Hut in Solda/Sulden afford holidaymakers unobstructed views of “King Ortles”, while the Prader mountain pasture gives walkers a glimpse into the world of high-Alpine cheese production. From the Stilfser mountain pasture, red deer can be observed in a wildlife reserve.

Food served at the alpine huts has become simpler and more authentic in the last decade, with the recipes of original Venosta Valley cuisine having been rediscovered and used to enrich the recipes of today. High-grade milk products – most notably the international award-winning Vinschger Almkäse (Vinscher Alpine cheese) – are still produced on many farms.

Rif. Tabaretta: open until 14.10.2018
Rif. Serristori: open until 03.10.2018
Malga Vitelli: open until 15.09.2018
Rif. Payer: open unitl 30.09.2018
Rif. Coston: open until 30.09.2018
Malga Stelvio: open until 15.09.2018
Rif. Città di Milano: open until 28.09.2018
Rif. Borletti: open until 23.09.2018