Nestled in the high Alpine setting of the Ortler-Cevedale massif, the Stelvio National Park in South Tyrol is one of the largest and most varied nature reserves in the entire Alps. Glaciers and rocky regions, as well as green meadows, forests, water and wilds characterize the park. 40% of its total area – including the entire Ortler Cevedale mountain range featuring the highest peaks in the south-eastern Alps – is located in South Tyrol.

The Stelvio Pass is a paradise for hikers, alpinists and climbers, but also for skiers at the Solda glacier resort as well as families looking for adventurous holidays. Legendary events such as the Stelvio Marathon, the Eight-Summit March (8-Gipfel-Marsch) and the Stelvio Bike Day are held annually at the Stelvio Pass.