Every alternate year, at carnival time, there takes place one of the most peculiar events in the entire region; namely, the towing of the plough (Pfluagziachn).

This custom, involving an old 19th Century horse-drawn plough, is towed around the town by a horse and six oxen accompanied by a masked group of actors in an improvised spectacle involving mock arguments between opposite types of characters. Examples might be: young and old, men and women, homesteaders and nomads, landlords and serfs, secretive and public figures with even the female roles traditionally played by males.

Historical background
The carnivalesque Pfluagziachn in Stelvio/Stilfs is an old custom and, while traditional rowdy rituals banishing winter are commonplace in the Venosta Valley, the towing of the plough in Stelvio is different due to its decidedly theatrical characteristics. It resembles more of an interactive street parade recalling themes of the past in a theatrical comedy, parodying village life in a bygone world governed by traditions.