"Moderate altitude" - that is what sport and  neurophysiologists call the medium altitude range, in which mild hypoxia exercises a fountain of youth effect on our organism. The low oxygen partial pressure in the air leads to the Body exerting itself more even without any Fitness training at all. It forms more red blood cells and the thyroid galvanises the metabolism. In this way, not only is muscular tissue activated, but all approximately 70 Trillion somatic cells are supplied with Oxygen and fresh energy. "Body & mind Fitness" - that is what US Bioscience calls this effect, which already stimulates peripheral cells as well as approximately 400 Billion nerve cells on the first day of a holiday.

Accordingly, Holidays in Sulden are not only total Relaxation and enjoyment of a splendid Environment, but also always a rejuvenating cure for Body and Soul, as well as optimism, fresh vitalities and new Impulses for everyday life. One takes nice memories home - as well as the yearning to come again.