In an area such as the Ortler region, with its high vertical slopes and numerous Alpine pastures and thematic trails, modern ascent facilities such as cableways, mountain railways and chairlifts provide an especially convenient means of transport.

 Opening hours
 Cablecar Solda 
 8.30am - 12.45pm and 2 - 5 (every 20 min)
 Chairlift Pulpito
 Chairlift Orso   
 8.30am - 12.20pm and 1.30pm - 5pm    
 Chairlift Trafoi
 8.30am - 12.20pm and 1.30pm - 5pm
 Gondola Rosim
12.06.2021 8.30am - 12.20pm and 1.30pm - 5pm

Chairlift Orso & Gondola Rosim are open until 18.06. and from 20.09.2021 alternately.
Opening hours chairlift.pdf (Download)