For hundreds of years, the cultural landscape of the Ortler region has been characterized by a harmonious coexistence between people and nature. The Stelvio National Park encompasses all of the Alpine climate zones, from the broad Venosta Valley valley floor to the high-Alpine glacier region.

The nature reserve and wildlife compunds are home to a diverse range of animal and plant species. But it’s not only nature that has proven itself as a master architect of the Ortler region – it’s people, too. The Stelvio Pass Road is one of the most spectacular scenic routes in Europe.

Clean Air Area of Solda – Pure Mountain

In the context of a study on the medical effects of altitude levels, the effects of a hiking holiday in regard to measurable risk factors in individuals with metabolic syndrome were investigated. The results of this study show that a two-week stay in Solda/Sulden, combined with regular exercise, leads to a much better regulation of conspicuous blood fats and of impaired adipokines than equivalent exercise in lower altitude locations. Holidays in Solda are therefore not only a source of total relaxation and joy in a great environment, but also rejuvenatin for the body.