Winter hike to the three Holy Wells

Romantic winter hike to “Zu den Hl. Drei Brunnen” pilgrimage church.

General description

The small mountain village of Trafoi is located some 1,640 m up at the foot of the Stilfserjoch pass road. This winter hike takes you straight from the village to the “Hl. Drei Brunnen” pilgrimage site via a romantic spruce forest.

Route description

The hike starts at the public car park below the Hotel Bella Vista. Head out from here until you come to a right-hand bend (Hotel Bella Vista), then turn left and follow the signposts for “Drei Brunnen” as far as the “naturatrafoi” National Park visitor centre. After passing through the visitor centre, you then join a beautiful footpath which leads to Trafoi church. The route then heads along a series of meadow trails and sections of the road, following the signs for “Drei Brunnen” into the valley until you reach the final houses. Once there, head left and stay on the Annaweg trail (no. 6) while this guides you through the romantic spruce forest and up to the bridge. After a gentle hike lasting one and a half hours, you will come to the Heilige Drei Brunnen pilgrimage site.

Description to arrive at destination

From Spondinig via Stilfserjoch pass road SS 38, heading straight on as far as Trafoi.


Public car park below the Hotel Bella Vista.

Public transport
    • Bus 271 “Spondinig – Trafoi/Sulden”
All timetables and additional information available at:
Safety instructions

No liability can be assumed for any information provided. Hiker should look at the weather forecast and plan the tour as best as possible.

State closed
Duration 1:30 h
Length 3 km
Difficulty easy
Difference in height uphill 30 hm
Difference in height downhill 20 hm
Difference in height 1601 m
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