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Ski tour to Monte Cevedale

Ski tour to Monte Cevedale, one of the best peaks for mountain views in the Ortler region.

General description

Ski tour to Monte Cevedale, one of the best peaks for mountain views in the Ortler region.
This tour to Monte Cevedale is one of the top 10 ski tours in the Ortler region and is extremely popular among enthusiasts. After all, it’s an easy tour that rewards visitors with breathtaking Alpine panoramas.

Route description

The starting point of the ski tour to Monte Cevedale is the Sulden/Solda cable car mountain station.
Cross the slope up to the moraine and keep going towards the Suldenferner glacier, eventually ascending to the Suldenspitze peak via a steep hillside on the right. Once you are below the north-east ridge of the Suldenspitze peak at approx. 3,240 m, cross on the left of the ravine in the direction of Monte Cevedale. Upon reaching the other side, head diagonally right on a descent via the steep eastern flank and past the Suldenspitze peak until you reach the Langenferner glacier. Continue along the flat terrain as far as the Casatihütte mountain hut (3,269 m). You should then head straight on in a southeasterly direction across the mildly steep glacier until you are below the steep slope between the Zufallspitze peak and Monte Cevedale. Head along the ridge beneath the lowest point, then bear diagonally right and make your way up to the lower marginal crevasse. Continue right beneath the marginal crevasse to reach a small steep slope on the north shoulder of Monte Cevedale. Via the ridge, which starts out wide and becomes narrower, you can reach the summit cross located on the right-hand side.

description to arrive at destination

From Spondinig/Spondigna via Stilfserjoch pass road SS 38 to Gomagoi, then left to Sulden. Continue on to the car park at the Sulden cable car valley station. It is approx. 20 km from Spondinig to Sulden.


Parking facilities are available at the car park next to Sulden cable car valley station.

Public transport

If you don't want to travel to Solda by private car, you can use the pubblic transport. With the bus line 271 you get to Solda in almost half an hour. The bus stop is located directly at the valley station of the Cable Car Solda, from there it goes in approx. 5 minutes to the start of the tour.

Safety instructions
Ski tourers should first look at the avalanche danger report and the weather report, then plan their tour to best suit the conditions. You may also need to opt for an alternative tour if this route should prove too dangerous. As this ski tour is a glacier tour, visitors must proceed with extreme caution.

Caution: Crevasse zone on the way to Suldenspitze peak
              Danger from falling snow slabs and rocks on the way to Langenferner glacier
No liability can be assumed for any information provided on ski tours, snowshoe hikes, etc.
You must check the snow and weather conditions on site.
For information on the current avalanche conditions:
Tel. +39 0471 270555
Tel. +39 0471 271177

Glacier equipment

Length 12.758 km
Difficulty medium
Difference in height uphill 1152 hm
Difference in height downhill 1152 hm
Difference in height 3724 m
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