To the Piz Cavalaccio/Chavalatsch

A relatively easy mountain tour with a beautiful view.

General description

The Piz Cavalaccio/Chavalatsch (2.763m), a beautifully situated mountain of the Fallatsch ridge, between the Passo dello Stelvio and the Val Müstair, offers one of the most beautiful summit views of the Vinschgau Valley. Next to the summit cross is a former Italian customs hut, which now serves as a relay station for radio amateurs in the Vinschgau Valley. This rewarding mountain hike has no difficulties worth mentioning. The paths are very gentle and there are no exposed or difficult parts. Since the described ascent is via the sun-exposed side, an ascent at the warmest time of day may be avoided.


Route description

From the game reserve "Fragges", follow trail no. 2 which leads onto a well laid out trail through the forest. Follow this trail to reach the Malga Stelvio in just under an hour. The Malga Stelvio di Sopra is a working farm. Just before the farm, trail no. 5 branches off and leads to the Piz Cavalaccio. Descend via the same route. 

Description to arrive at destination

From Spondigna/Spondinig via the street to the Stelvio Pass SS 38 to Gomagoi, then right to Stelvio. Just before the village of Stelvio/Stilfs, a mountain road leads left to "Fragges".


In order to get to the starting point, the parking area at game reserve "Fragges" is the most suitable.

Public transport

If you do not want to travel to Stelvio by private car, you can use the pubblic transport. With the bus line 271 you get from Prato allo Stelvio/Spondigna to Stelvio in about 20 minutes. The bus stop is located at the beginning of Stelvio. From there you have to go by feet to "Fragges".

Safety instructions

All the informations about the hike is without guarantee. Hiker should look at the weather forecast and plan the tour as best as possible.

Duration 5:00 h
Length 7 km
Difficulty medium
Difference in height uphill 1020 hm
Difference in height downhill 1020 hm
Difference in height 2763 m
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Hiking High Altitude
Healthy mountain air, some glacier wind, wild forests and lovely people: mountain climbers and mountain beginners appreciate the area around the Ortler, the highest mountain in South Tyrol.
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