Once derided as poor man’s food, the simple Alpine cuisine of the Venosta Valley has gained a high reputation in recent decades. It has remained plain and based on genuine natural produce until now, but has also developed great variety and numerous ways in which it can be interpreted anew. As a result, world renowned chefs such as Andreas Hellrigl derive from Venosta Valley.

Today, one can get delicious food not only in high-end restaurants but also in regular inns and farmers’ guesthouses. Excellent fruit and honey, asparagus and potatoes, local cereal and cheese varieties, organic meat and freshwater fish form the basic ingredients of many local dishes.

In addition, there are also excellent local wines and homemade juices, as well as fine digestives and excellent Grappas. Spirits have a long tradition in the Venosta Valley, and in Glorenza/Glurns you will also find the area’s first and only whiskey distillery.