Every year in October, South Tyroleans head to the Törggelen in the rustic inns, wine cellars and restaurants of the region. The Törggelen is a South Tyrolean culinary tradition which is appreciated by locals and visitors alike. The name comes from the word Torggl (torculum), a traditional wine press. The custom originated in the cellars of the wine-growers and traders of South Tyrol, who after the harvest, from October to the beginning of the Advent season, organized a harvest feast and tasted for the first time the young wine.

A Törggelen party in Venosta Valley in South Tyrol means a chance to meet with friends or family, take time out and, above all, to gather together. Firstly, a traditional starter, such as Schlutzkrapfen or Gerstensuppe, is served, followed by a hearty main course of farm produce, mostly combined with cabbage and dumplings. The crowning end of the traditional Törggelen in the Venosta Valley are the local chestnuts, which are roasted over an open fire, as well as sweet pastries made with poppy seed or chestnut filling. Self-made wine, Suser and in-house juices are also served. The Törggele time is accompanied in Venosta Valley by traditional, colorful markets such as the "Sealamorkt", which takes place on All Souls’ Day in Glorenza/Glurns.