The Vinschger Bahn railway is one of Europe’s most modern regional railways. Journeys afford passengers fantastic views of the natural and cultivated landscapes of South Tyrol as framed by large panoramic windows. The train tracks extend through the valley from Merano/Meran to Malles/Mals, passing Schloss Kastelbell castle, the marble blocks of Lasa/Laas and the Tartscher Bühel hill near Malles.

60 km long with a difference in altitude of 700 m, the route of the Vinschgau Bahn railway highlights the beauty of the Vinschgau valley. In addition to scenic and historical attractions such as the Schloss Kastelbell, Schloss Juval and Schloss Churburg castles, the radiant white blocks of Lasa marble and the mighty mountains of the Ortler massif, the railway stations themselves are also well worth a visit. Many stations date back to the era of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and today combine the pioneering history of railway construction with modern train comforts. During the course of reconstruction works, the Vinschger Bahn railway stations were carefully refurbished. Doors and windows were returned to their original places and the red and green colour scheme, which was characteristic for that time, was also reinstated.

The Etschtal Cycle Path (Etschradroute), a popular route that traces the ancient Via Claudia Augusta, runs through the Vinschgau valley and partially overlaps with the course of the Vinschger Bahn railway. The route is ideal for families: with the bikemobil Card you can combine a panoramic ride on the Vinschger Bahn railway with a leisurely cycling adventure.