How does "Carsharing" work in Prad?

The location of the e-vehicle is in the car park of the municipality of Prad, directly by the fast charging station and opposite the RAIKA Prad. The vehicle can be collected here and must then also be returned there.
To be able to borrow the e-car, you must first become a customer of Carsharing Südtirol. If you already have the Südtirol Pass, you can get the registration fee at a reduced rate.
After the customer application with Carsharing South Tyrol has been successfully processed, the Carsharing customer card can be picked up at the electro-work-Prad office or also at the info points Raika Prad, Tourismusverein Prad and Auto Hofer. This can then be used to open the vehicle. Everything else (key, e-charging station fuel card) is inside the vehicle. For further information, interested parties can contact the E-Werk-Prad office, the Raiffeisenkasse Prad-Taufers, the Prad Tourist Office or Auto Hofer in Prad directly. There is a customer card for businesses and for private individuals.

The annual fee for car sharing is 75€ and the one-time registration fee is 40€ (25€ for customers with Südtirol Pass). The first 50 customers get a 50% discount on the annual fee (1st year) and registration fee.

Some Infopoints also allow rentals via their own account, i.e. without registering oneself.
To do this, a contract is simply signed on the spot and the amount owed is settled directly when the vehicle is returned.

The rental price of the vehicle in Prad (Nissan Leaf) is as follows:

Hourly rate from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. € 5.00
Hourly rate from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. 1,00 €
Daily rate 1st day 35,00 €
Daily rate from the 2nd day 30,00 €

Plus 0,20€ per driven kilometre.

Correct handling of the vehicle (unlocking and locking):
Only use the card at the beginning and end of the journey, only use the key during the journey. Please ensure that the chip is returned exactly to the holder at the end of the journey.

The charging card is in the same holder as the key. At the end of the booking, the vehicle must always be connected to the charging station.

Invoices are issued at the end of each month. Each customer receives the invoice by e-mail. This can be paid by SEPA direct debit or bank transfer. Except if the use is via a partner's account. In that case, payment can be made directly on site.