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From the Julius Payer Hütte mountain hut (3,029 m), which can be reached from Solda/Sulden (1,900 m) via trail no. 4 in approx. 3 hours, begin the ascent to the highest mountain in South Tyrol, the King Ortler, at 3,905 m

 After an overnight stay at the hut, cross over the northwest flank of the Tabarettaspitze peak and climb over rocky terrain up to the “Wandl” rock face. This passage through the rocks is secured and is the technically most difficult portion of the entire ascent. Cross the rather steep area at the upper end of the “ice rut”, the upper part of which has now disappeared. Head up via the “Bärenloch” hole to the Tschierfegg area where the Lombardi bivouac is located. Because the glacier has receded considerably in the last few years, this section of the route has become much trickier and one must overcome a challenging ramp. After the Tschierfegg there is crevasse-lined terrain and a rather steep slope. Once on top you come to the gentle Ortler plateau. From here, the ascent to the peak is not very steep. For inexperienced hikers, it is advisable to do the tour with a mountain guide.


Duration 4:00 h
Altitude uphill 998 hm
Altitude downhill 130 hm
Length 3.3 km
Hiking High Altitude
Healthy mountain air, some glacier wind, wild forests and lovely people: mountain climbers and mountain beginners appreciate the area around the Ortler, the highest mountain in South Tyrol.