The western part of South Tyrol is rich in contrasts, characterized by mighty peaks and glaciers, but also blossoming apricots and apple trees in the valley or near the arid Monte Sole mountain. The Venosta Valley also displays a special sense for aesthetics. Here, between the tower in the Resia Lake, the Marienberg monastery and the Churburg Castle, remarkable architects have been at work for more than 300 years. Pioneers of form and design, such as Walter Dietl or Christian Kasteller, Arnold Gapp and Werner Tscholl, who was appointed as chief architect of Italy in 2016, have created architectural landmarks of international renown.

Building in the alpine area requires great caution, so that the existing valuable building fabric is not lost but also does not become a museum. Local architects have approached the conscious handling of existing building materials from the beginning, with an open mind and a commitment to innovation.