Ancient traditions and lively customs complement a pioneering spirit and innovation very well. Venosta Valley is the best proof of this. Customs of pagan origin – originally christianised and in this manner conserved – are cultivated in the Venosta Valley through the present day. There are fascinating local winter customs like the Zussl race in Prato/Prad and the unspoilt Klosn in Stelvio/Stilfs. In addition the atmospheric Advent in Glorenza/Glurns in the small medieval town on the River Adige also attracts visitors.

In mid-June the Sacred Heart of Jesus fires on the mountains attract many onlookers from far and near; in the fall attractions include traditional markets like the Sealamorkt in Glorenza on All Souls’ Day or the Gollimorkt in Malles/Mals, where primarily top-quality products from local alpine farming are on offer.