The traditional cattle drive, also known as the Transhumance, has always been a significant highlight in the farming cycle of the Venosta Valley. This centuries-old ritual transforms the mountain landscape into a colourful festival where nature and rural culture merge in harmony.

As summer draws to a close, the cows are artfully adorned with lovingly designed wreaths, the calves shine in fresh flower arrangements and the sheep wear colourful markings. This procession is a feast for the senses and a sign of the farmers' gratitude for a successful grazing season. The cattle drive in the Venosta Valley is not only a visual delight, but also a culinary experience. Visitors can look forward to peasant fare that reflects the regional flavours and the quality of the local products. The "Goasslschnöller" create a great atmosphere with their impressive performance, accompanied by traditional folk music. In addition to the cattle drive, visitors can also experience the "Schafschoad", the traditional shearing of sheep, which focuses on handicraft skills and local traditions.