Springtime in the Venosta Valley

From April to June 2024

Sights and sounds of Nature reawakening with the crackling and popping of melting snow as the mountain summits shed their white mantle and fertile valleys are clad in bright new colours. The richness of the cultural landscape of the Stelvio National Park is revealed in the warm spring sunshine as it bathes the ancient stone walls of majestic castles, monasteries, and churches. Days begin to grow longer as folk spend more time outdoors, attracted by the hustle and bustle of spring fairs and music events held in the old village squares. Newly groomed trails cutting through the forested slopes pave the way for bracing spring hikes and exhilarating mountain bike rides. The sea of white and pink apple orchards in bloom signals that Nature has returned to the Venosta Valley. It’s time to join the spring celebrations!
Spring experiences in the Venosta Valley
Exploring the Cultural Landscape around Reschensee Lake on an E-bike
On this organised cultural e-bike tour, learn of the strange and sad story marked by the sunken church tower of the former village of Curon/Graun submerged beneath the lake waters. The small 14 th ...
Wednesday 5/1/2024
Blissful Spring in the Mountains: Biking & Hiking to the Spitzige Lun
The Spitzige Lun on the sunny slopes of the Upper Venosta Valley is one of the first mountain summits to be accessible after the winter snows have subsided. This is a great opportunity to combine ...
Thursday 4/18/2024
On the Waalweg Trail: From Nature to the Tavern
Gastronomy/regional products
Against the sounds of the bubbling torrent, the twittering of birds and the Waalschelle your mood is sure to perk up. Follow the Waalweg irrigation channel trail above Sluderno/Schluderns as it leads ...
Friday 4/19/2024
Schluderns / Sluderno
Spring Hike - National Park Hike in Search of Herbs
Together we hike, pick, taste, and appreciate – let’s take a spring hike while enjoying the pure mountain air. Learn to identify the indigenous wild herbs of the National Park under the guidance of ...
Monday 4/15/2024
Prad am Stilfserjoch
Farm life - a Guided tour of the farm and village
Guided tours
Even as the surrounding peaks remain sprinkled in snow, nature is already awakening on Benny and Jutta's farm in Montechiaro/Lichtenberg. Learn interesting facts about the history of the 400-strong ...
Friday 4/19/2024
Lichtenberg, Prad am Stilfserjoch
For Flower Lovers: the Venosta Valley High Mountain Trail
An organised adventure hike from S. Martino in Monte/St. Martin im Kofel along the Venosta Valley Sonnenberg mountain to Silandro/Schlanders with the focus on the local flora and fauna. Stop and ...
Tuesday 4/16/2024
Visiting the Kandlwaalhof Farmstead in Flowering Season
Join the Luggin family in Lasa/Lass and discover the Kandlwaalhof organic farm where first-grade fruit and herbs grow in temperate conditions at an elevation of 900 m. Try some of their crafted ...
Friday 4/19/2024
Springtime Awakening at the Castles and Palaces
What better way to celebrate Spring’s reawaking than at start of the Martell Valley. An organized hike leads past Obermontani Castle and the ruins of Untermontani, where the original manuscript of ...
Tuesday 4/16/2024
Waalwege Irrigation Channel Trails and Wine Tastings
Gastronomy/regional products
Scenic hikes along the ancient Waalwege accompanied by Thomas, our local guide, as he walks you through the ingenious centuries-old hillside irrigation system. Passing through the orchards you reach ...
Tuesday 4/16/2024
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Our recommendations for an unforgettable spring
Your spring - your Venosta Valley is more than just a promise.
The warm season brings with it a wealth of experiences for exercise-loving connoisseurs and explorers.

From the end of March to June, the motto is "Blossom!" and you can make spring yours with various activities and moments of enjoyment on the theme. One thing is certain: the diversity of this region with its natural wonders, inspirational and cultural spaces is best discovered at this time of year.
Springtime in the Venosta Valley
Unspoilt landscape, cultural diversity and countless opportunities for active holidaymakers.
The contrasting landscape, from barren glacier areas with King Ortler mountain to the warm valley floor with orchards, invites you to explore - on foot or by bike. Spring arrives first on the snow-free Sonnenberg mountain: tranquillity away from the crowds and everyday hustle and bustle is guaranteed. The region also offers an impressive historical backdrop.
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