Your Autumn Holiday in the Venosta Valley

Insights into culture and lifestyle from September to November

While nature in South Tyrol is colourfully preparing for a long period of rest, the best time to recharge your batteries for the cold season begins here in the Vinschgau Valley. Clear horizons, new paths, surprising encounters and deep insights into culture and lifestyle await the attentive connoisseur – a dialogue with yourself in the abundance and uniqueness of the slower and deeper breathing nature of the Venosta Valley!
Autumn Experiences in the Venosta Valley
Bunker23 Art & Culture
Guided tours
18 international & local South Tyrolean artists and designers are currently showing at Bunker23. The exhibition offers a wide range of art works, showcasing various approaches and different ...
Sunday 9/24/2023
Tartsch / Tarces
Mating Calls of the Red Deer
At the end of September, the rutting of the Red deer begins in the Stelvio National Park. Dressed warmly, we listen to the roaring of the male deer echoing through the autumn forests. With any luck, ...
Tuesday 9/26/2023
Alta Val Martello
Insights into the ever Changing Cultural Landscape & Agriculture in the Valley
An unusual field trip awaits us, as we explore the diversity of farmed species and varieties developed over the centuries. We also sample various kinds of vegetables grown in the Greiterhaus nursery, ...
Tuesday 9/26/2023
Discovering the Upper Venosta Valley
Guided tours
The Tartscher Bühel hill is one of Venosta Valley’s more renowned energy spots. During our walkabout, we learn more about a submerged village, and gain insights into Venosta Valley culture while ...
Monday 9/25/2023
Tartsch / Tarces
"Pinet, Lechtl and Tappein" - The best farms around these parts
The Tappeinhof Day Hike to the Tappeinhof, a Mountain Farm above Schlanders Steeped in History It is said that the best farms around these parts are the Pinet, Lechtl and Tappein. Among other things, ...
Friday 10/6/2023
“Pinet, Lechtl and Tappein” - The best farms around these parts
Guided tours
The Lechtl Mountain Farm ATTENTION: currently, the tour is only offered in German. Lechtl – A Mountain Farm Steeped in History on the Sonnenberg in the Venosta Valley  During this guided tour, we ...
Wednesday 10/4/2023
Mals / Malles
“Pinet, Lechtl and Tappein” - The best farms around these parts
Guided tours
The Pinethof Scenic and Informative - Everyday Farming Life at the Pinethof Farm Together we participate in this panoramic hike to the high plateau above Lichtenberg/Montechiaro to the quietly ...
Wednesday 9/27/2023
Prad am Stilfserjoch
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