Ortler High Mountain Trail, Stage 5: From the Pizzini hut to Sant’Antonio

General description

From the Pizzini hut to Sant’Antonio:

Difference in height: 898 hm
Descent: 2.304 hm
Length: 20,5 km
Duration: ca. 8,5h

Route description

From the Pizzini hut on Zebrù Pass (3,000 m) take the path leading to the right side of the upper Zebrù Tal Valley up to the junction for the V. Alpini hut, which can be reached by going up the Rin Maré Tal Valley (2,880 m). Continue along the Zebrù Tal Valley, first on the path and then the forestry road, leading past the Pastore, Campo, Pramighen, Pecé and Zebrù mountain huts, up to Pradaccio. Finally, descend through the meadows at the bottom of the Valfurva Tal Valley, until reaching Sant’ Antonio and the National Park Visitors Center.

Duration 8:30 h
Length 20.379 km
Difficulty difficult
Difference in height uphill 898 hm
Difference in height downhill 2304 hm
Difference in height 3004 m
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