Weissee Peak

A glacier mountain across the mighty Gepatschferner, whose summit consists of a large flat ice cap.

General description

Soon after the chapel of the Weißkugelhütte mountain hut at 2,542 m, the “Richter Steig” path leads in eastern direction to the panoramic southern slope comfortably into the valley up to the mountain and ice barrier of the Vernagl slopes. Here, the slightly exposed climb (Attention in case of ice!) leads northward via partially secured passages over rock up to the Gepatschferner glacier, past the imposing glacier sceneries of the ice rifts.  This is were you will need your crampons and rope. After a steeper ramp - potentially tricky when the surface is covered with bare ice - you reach the upper flat ground of the mighty Gepatschferner: Towards your left (northward), there is a slight ascent not far from the left rocky crest in the direction of Weißseespitze; whereas straight on (eastward) leads to the Brandenburg House. We therefore climb up the moderately rugged, slightly ascending terrain to the Weißseespitze: After the 2 km long “Gletscherhaatscher”, we suddenly find ourselves on the flat cap of the Weißseespitze.

Duration 5:23 h
Length 11.37 km
Difficulty difficult
Difference in height uphill 1591 hm
Difference in height downhill 30 hm
Difference in height 3473 m
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