Kids are adventurous by nature and are keen to explore the natural landscape. In the Venosta Valley holiday area, it is easy for families to have fun in the mountains, explore the pastures and forests, and enjoy climbing in the high rope park or up the climbing wall. The didactic animal route that crosses the Gumperle forest and Plima gorge helps children to learn about nature and culture, while playing and having fun.

The Adige Cycle Route runs along the Adige river and over the ancient Roman Via Claudia Augusta. What used to be the old Schnalstal Valley Railway Station now houses a railway world for junior explorers to play in while the ArcheoParc provides a glimpse of the life of “Ötzi, the Iceman”, who lived in this area during prehistoric times. Various playgrounds such as the Spielesee lake on Mount Watles and other outdoor attractions should not be missed!

In wintertime, the Venosta Valley has much to offer with a winning combination of abundant sunshine and snow, family-friendly ski areas, cross-country trails and an exciting fun park. And with the Pistenbully transport system and fun-filled rides on the sled runs, there are thrills and much excitement during the fun-filled winter evenings!