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Pastures and Refuges

Pastures and Refuges in Venosta Valley

Alpine Cultural Landscape in Venosta Valley

The dry Alpine landscapes of Venosta Valley are characterized by high mountains and high altitude pastures. Today, there are 83 pastures in the Venosta Valley with a total area of 37,000 hectares and located an altitude of more than 2000m, which are still farmed. The pastures are wide and offer a spectacular view of the mountains and are thus ideal for relaxation and recreation during the summer.
The refuges in the high mountains of the Alps played an important role in older days because people avoided travelling through the swampy valleys. The huts offered shelter against darkness and bad weather. Today, many of South Tyrol's Alpine refuges are managed and offer refreshments on their sun terraces. The food in the huts has become lighter and more genuine over the last 10 years, and original Venosta Valley recipes have been rediscovered, enriching the menus. Many pastures produce high-quality milk products, such as the internationally renowned "Vinschger Almkaese" cheese variety.
Sulden Nr. 61
39029 Sulden
Phone +39 0473 613024
Hintermartell 200
39020 Val Martello Valley
Phone +39 0473 744790
Sulden 122
39029 Sulden
Phone +39 0473 613188
Alta Valle 204
39020 Val Martello
Phone +39 0473 744708
39024 Malles - Slingia / Mals - Schlinig
Phone +39 0473 830234
39024 Malles - Mazia / Mals - Matsch
Phone +39 0473 830280
Forststr. 131
39029 Sulden
Phone +39 0473 613187
39029 Sulden
Phone +39 333 2859740
Melago Melag
39027 Graun / Langtaufers
Phone +39 0473 633191
Trafoi 19
39029 Trafoi
Phone +39 338 3877344
39029 Sulden
Phone +39 0473 613010
39020 Martello/Martell
Phone +39 0473 744785
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Pasture and stock farming and the subsequent production of butter and cheese at pastures has formed part of life in Venosta Valley since the Middle Ages.
Venosta Valley represents South Tyrol's natural diversity. From the picturesque depths of the long valley rises the unique Alpine landscape.
Along the old farmhouses and barns, visitors will encounter many reminders of a harsh life full of privation.
The recipes of the varied local Venosta cuisine run from traditional antipasti and appetizers focused on buckwheat or potatoes to hearty main dishes such as freshwater fish, game stew, lamb and fawn.
Welcome to the Venosta Valley cultural region
Hike along ancient irrigation channels, partake of winter sports on glacial areas beneath impressive Alpine peaks or ride your bike along the Roman trade route Via Claudia Augusta. Relax in small villages and peaceful valleys with amiable hosts. Discover numerous cultural sites and the unique culinary delights of Venosta Valley.