Experience the enchanting Venosta Valley in all its facets during spring, marveling at its unique contrasts. The valley offers the perfect setting for leisurely hikes in mild temperatures as early as March, while higher altitudes still provide the opportunity to ski down snowy slopes. Thanks to its protected location between the Ortler Group and the Ötztal Alps, and its one-of-a-kind microclimate, the warm season arrives a little earlier in the Venosta Valley than in other regions north of the main Alpine ridge.

Take advantage of the pleasant temperatures in Solda/Sulden and Belpiano-Malga S. Valentino/Schöneben-Haideralm until the end of April, and enjoy spring skiing while letting off steam on the slopes. After skiing, go on a leisurely hike through the blooming nature, experiencing the stunning contrasts of the valley at the foot of Stelvio National Park.

Let us inspire you to discover the natural beauty of Venosta Valley during spring skiing. We wish you a fantastic time on the slopes!