Schmarren with Pala pears

  • Peel the potatoes, cut into slices and roast in a hot pan with clarified butter. Season with salt and pepper. Add onion and Palab pears and roast the whole.

The dish known as “Schmarren with pala pears”  was prepared primarily to use up overripe pears.

Preparation time: about 10 minutes

(serves 4)
600 g steamed potatoes, with peel
80 g clarified butter
100 g onion, finely chopped
3 pears (preferably the Palabirn pear variety of Val Venosta), sliced
Source disclosures: "Köstliches aus dem Vinschgau - Der Geschichte der Vinschger Küche auf der Spur" by Erik Platzer, Oskar Asam, Otto Theiner published by Athesia Publisher
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