PUNI, the first and only whisky distillery in Italy since 2010, is based in the medieval town of Glorenza/Glurns in Upper Venosta Valley. The headquarters of the local whisky distillery, designed by renowned local architect Werner Tscholl, is visible from afar, like a fully-formed work of art in form of a 13 meter-high cube made of red bricks in a chessboard pattern.

The PUNI distillery offers several whiskies matured in oak casks. In addition to American bourbon casks, Spanish sherry casks and Sicilian marsala casks are currently used to mature PUNI Whisky.

The PUNI Whisky distillery is based in a strategically-located central position among the South Tyrolean highlands of the Upper Venosta Valley, on meadows that were formerly used for the granary of Tyrol. It goes without saying that the pioneers of Italian Whisky use only the purest water from the high glaciers, and buy rye from predominantly local farmers for the production of their whiskies. Connoisseurs and fans of the Scottish national drink are already awaiting the maturation of the young single malt to develop the full taste of a pure single malt whisky.