Pristine nature, with a wide range of leisure activities from which to choose: this is what makes the Venosta Valley in South Tyrol such an ideal family holiday destination. Magnificent hikes and walks along the canals, mostly accessible on child strollers, wind their way through the forests and pastures, passing old fortresses and ancient castles. Along the way, a number of swimming pools are to be found where hikers can cool down in the summer heat. In the Venosta Valley, there is also a wide choice of outdoor activities such as rock climbing, visiting open-air museums, a 3D archery range as well as a playground.

The picturesque villages in the valley are well-established family holiday destinations, winter included. The ski areas are ideal for families complete with children’s zones and child-friendly descents, snow nurseries and ski schools. There are also sled runs like the one in Talai forest and outdoor ice-skating as on Resia Lake.