In the words of the French mountaineer, Jean-Christophe Lafaille: "If you love the mountains, you will also consent to the conditions that they impose".

Josef Plangger is a qualified mountain guide, who explains the meaning of this quote to all experienced climbers. Plangger accompanies visitors up to the glacier of the Resia Pass holiday area, up to the highest peaks or along arduous climbs. In the summertime, he conducts ice and rock hiking tours, revealing the secrets of the mountain to the participants. His courses also impart the rudiments of rock climbing or hiking on the glaciers. Adventurous climbers will not only find permanent ice and snow on the Ortles and the Sesvenna Mountains, but also cozy mountain huts and refuges with high-quality gastronomic delights. The itinerary may be obtained directly from Josef Plangger himself. All the necessary equipment to safely participate in these excursions is available on location.

Experienced climbers and hikers are of course welcome to explore the fascinating Alpine world of the Resia Pass holiday area without the help of a guide.