As if the Venosta Valley wasn’t sufficiently seductive with its enchanting nature, it also holds numerous surprises in its wealth of gastronomic culture and genuine local produce. Running from East to West, the valley encompasses a variety of landscapes and even today agriculture still plays a vital role and is influenced by an abundance of sun and a certain amount of wind, creating its own microclimate.

This Alpine valley extends upwards from 500 to 1,500 meters above sea level and the fruit grown in these mountains is said to be sweeter. The Venosta Valley is renown for its Pala pears and higher up near the Resia Pass, also for its apricots, cherries and forest berries. The seasonal fruit can be found in small local outlets or bought straight from the farmers.

These delicacies and farm products are real treats for gourmets and are sold directly at the farms or in the markets of this holiday region. Guided tours of the farms are also very popular with guests and locals as are the tastings.