The six-km-long Resia Lake is the largest in South Tyrol and together with its smaller brother, S. Valentino Lake further south, make up the heart of the Resia Pass holiday area, which borders both Switzerland and Austria. These lakes are a favourite holiday destination for families and also attract large numbers of sports-lovers.

S. Valentino Lake:
S. Valentino Lake is situated close to the town of S. Valentino alla Muta/St. Valentin auf der Haide and is considered one of the most beautiful pristine lakes in the entire Alpine area. Located in the Curon/Graun district, it occupies a surface area of 89 hectares with a circumference of 4.5 km and reaching a maximum depth of 15 meters with 6 million cubic meters of fresh water. It was formerly known as the Certosa Lake when it still belonged to the Certosa Monastery in Schnalstal Valley.

Resia Lake:
The man-made Resia Lake with a surface area of 10 km is also situated in the Curon district and has a circumference of 15.3 km, with a maximum depth of 45 meters when full and contains 120 million cubic meters of water. During its construction in 1950, the entire town of Curon and most of Resia/Reschen were flooded with the destruction of 163 houses and 523 hectares of land under cultivation. Today, there is only the protruding church steeple from the water's surface that is left as a reminder of the old town of Curon.