For 900 years, the Benedictine Abbey of Marienberg has lain enthroned on a mountain overlooking the village of Burgusio/Burgeis. Founded in the 12th Century by the von Trapp nobility, the monastery has been the spiritual and cultural centre of the Upper Venosta Valley. It was from here that, during the Middle Ages, agriculture was revolutionized and in its comprehensive library there are unique manuscripts and valuable tomes. It was also here that the Vinschger Paarlbrot bread was first invented and which is still baked in the Valley.

The Benedictine Abbey continues to play a vital religious and cultural role in the region. Symbolizing peace and strength, it safeguards the legacy of the past while looking to the future: a combination of work and prayer inspiring the local population and visitors alike. The Museum and the crypt with its precious frescoes are of particular significance and represent some of the most important relics of Roman art in the Alps.