S. Valentino alla Muta/St.Valentin a.d.H. lies next to Curon/Graun and Resia/Reschen, the third-largest village on the Lake Resia plateau. Starting at the fishermen’s houses, it stretches along the banks of the natural lake of St. Valentino, which like the larger Resia Lake, is transformed into a winter sporting center for skaters and a summer paradise for water sports and fishing.

S. Valentino Lake was once known as Lake Certosa, due to its erstwhile ownership by the Monastery of Certosa in Schnalstal Valley. S. Valentino alla Muta descends down to the plain south of Malles/Mals, opening out to the Resia high plateau and across to the Venosta Valley. From here there is an impressive view of the imposing Ortler Massif standing at an altitude of 3,905 meters, making it the highest mountain in Tyrol.