The village churches along the ancient Via Claudia Augusta imperial road are open all year for the visiting their minor art and historical treasures. Authentic architectural gems such as churches and frescoes from the period of Charlemagne until the 12th Century are to be found along this ancient Roman trade route, which is also known as the "Roman Road".

The Church of St. Nicholas in Roia/Rojen
The Church houses frescoes dating to the 15th Century and thus bears witness to the ancient history of the small hamlet of Roya. (The key to the Church may be requested at the local tavern).

The Valliereck Sanctuary
This sanctuary at Resia dates back to the second half of the 19th Century and is adorned with floral motifs and climbing plants (creepers). The head of Baby Jesus depicted in the stained glass rose window comes from the old Resia/Reschen Parish Church that was flooded. Amazingly, it was still intact after the church had been detonated during the construction of the dam.

The Little Church of St. Anna
The small gothic church of St. Anna, located on a hill, offers a magnificent view of Resia Lake and recent excavations there have uncovered even older relics.