Naudersburg Castle offers a glimpse into cultural life during the Middle Ages. From the 10th Century until the division of the Tyrol in 1919, the local court in the village of Nauders, had the authority to issue death sentences. From 1330, Naudersburg Castle (part of which dates back to the 12th Century) was home to the high court.

The Castle has retained its medieval characteristics and on the ground floor there is the kitchen and a number of prison cells. The Museum, located under the roof, displays the hand made items by the peasants. The former stables have been converted into a restaurant and the old Knight's Hall is now instead used for weddings.

Nauders Fortress and Altfinstermünz
The fortress of Nauders was built between 1834 and 1840 along the Resia Pass route, near medieval Niklasmauer. The fortress is an imposing five-storey stone construction with slitted louvers, created as a protection barrier to guard the valley from possible invasions from Lombardy or the Engadine. The fortress of Nauders is the only surviving fully intact military fortification of that era and now serves as a military museum.

The old Altfinstermünz road begins at the Nauders fortress, dropping down very steeply to the River Inn at Finstermünz. There is a small chapel, the old customs house and the Sigismundseck, built into the rock by Duke Sigismund. In the middle of the Inn River there is an old tower and a wooden bridge. All the buildings have been restored and are now open to the public together with an interesting exhibition.