Curiously enough, at Plamort hikers are confronted with the remains of the "Alpine Walls" stretching across the landscape like a huge work of art from another era. As part of the “Alpine Wall", which was created by Germany’s Italian allies, to protect them from Allied invasion, the bunker systems and tank barrier at Plamort in the three-country triangle of Italy, Austria and Switzerland, are today an impressive historical testimony of that time and have created a cross-border cultural project with Altfinstermünz museum.

Oculus Association
The aim of the Oculus promotional association, which was founded in 2011 in Curon/Graun, is to create a better understanding for those who are interested, of the history of the historic border fortifications at the Resia Pass. The promotional association is also responsible for preservation of the facilities and the reconstruction of the history in this area and offers guided tours through the labyrinth of military buildings and through the museum located at bunker no. 20 at the Adige River source.