Pastures and dairies have characterized the Alpine landscape for many years. The keeping of livestock and the production of butter and cheese in the pastures dates back to the High Middle Ages.

Nowadays, the huts and mountain dairies of the Resia Pass serve refreshments for walkers and cyclists, catering to the high cuisine of the Venosta Valley. These are sometimes also open in winter.

The traditional return of the livestock (i.e. cows, sheep, goats and horses) from the high pastures down to the valley is a cause for festivities in the town. The animals are adorned with ornaments and local culinary specialties are offered to visitors to the huts, including homemade doughnuts accompanied by local wine. The return of the cattle from the Reschner Alm pasture takes place right in the center of town and is particularly spectacular to watch.

High altitude pastures contain a rich variety of flora and fauna providing a varied and rewarding holiday experience in the mountains or even just walking across the fields. Although the Haideralm Alpine pasture is an ideal starting point for numerous walks with its large sunny terrace and an enclosure for small, domestic animals, it is also renowned for its local gastronomic delicacies and unique panoramas.

Other highly popular walks in the Resia Pass holiday area are at the Melager Alm Alpine pasture, with its spectacular view of the imposing glaciers; the Grauner Alm pasture, the point of departure for a number of excursions; the Brugger Alm pasture with its homemade dairy products and Schöneben.