The "Ur-Paarl" (monastery bread) is the oldest type of bread from Venosta Valley. This loaf, which is made of sourdough, cumin, bread clover and fennel, was first invented in the Marienberg Benedictine abbey near Burgusio/Burgeis in the 13th century. 70% of the bread consists of rye flour, also using wheat and spelt flour. “Paarl” or pair bread is an outstanding accompaniment to the traditional South Tyrolean “Marende” with zesty Alpine cheese, “Kaminwurzensausages, and ham.

But it’s not just the traditional “Vinschgerle” that finds its way onto the shelves of local bakeries: rye bread, “mugale”, “kornlaibchen” and “prosti” are also made fresh daily in the Angerer village bakery in S. Valentino alla Muta/St. Valentin auf der Haide.