The Resia Pass holiday area has all it takes to become established as a international ice-skating centre and no other winter recreational area in South Tyrol quite matches up to its spectacular scenery. Resia Lake, which borders 3 countries, freezes up during winter providing an ideal 40 cm ice platform for pirouette artists and speed skaters to showcase their abilities along an ice track. For those in need, skates of all sizes are available for rental.

In the midst of the largest natural skating rink in South Tyrol lies the partially submerged old Curon church steeple surreally protruding from below the ice, around which skaters, ice-sailors and snow-kiters circle about.

The Resia Lake

The 6 km-long and 1 km-wide Resia Lake at the three-country border to Austria and Switzerland is a popular destination for the international ice speed skating scene.

Lake S. Valentino
Besides Lake Resia, there is another 400-meter natural skating rink at S. Valentino alla Muta, on the Lake S. Valentino.