Smallholder farmers and cultivators in the region around the Resia Pass sell their natural products directly from the farm or in the regional markets. Dairy products such as butter and the excellent Alpine cheeses are sold together with locally made pure fruit juices, vinegar and special highly purified distillates, mountain herb teas, forest berries and crisp pears. The traditional bread of Venosta Valley, the Vinschger Paarlbrot, which is made from local cereals, is especially popular as well as the dairy products and of course the famous Alpine cheese.

The Upper Venosta Valley is a rural area with high-quality agricultural products. The farmers are totally in harmony with the rhythm of the seasons. The guided tours to the individual farms are instructive, presenting a different range of products depending on the seasons, with producers often inviting guests to taste their products.

Tasting the products is of course part and parcel of the visits to the farms and for example, dairy products and cheeses can be tried at Rieglhof in Vallelunga and Gamsegghof in Melago, The same of course applies to the restaurants or to the peasant taverns such as the Tendershof and Giernhof at Resia or Greinhof in St. Valentino alla Muta.