The Venosta Valley is ideal for those in search of climbing adventures: beginners and experienced mountaineers alike. The rock walls and suspension bridges found along the high rope trails keep families occupied with various sporting challenges. On the well-equipped Litzer Waldele high rope course and the Ötzi Rope Park, kids begin learn the rudiments of climbing — in safety and under supervision. Wannabe junior mountaineers practice on climbing walls in Laces/Latsch and Silandro/Schlanders Val Martello. The Val Martello dam wall and along the via ferrata "Murmele" chain-assisted climbs also cater to learners.

The Ortler climbing schools offer weekly courses for beginners. Starting at six, children are instructed on the proper use of ropes and other climbing gear. The indoor climbing gyms in Sluderno/Schluderns and Val Martello are a good alternative in bad weather conditions.