The theme trails in the Upper Venosta Valley in South Tyrol let hikers experience the cultural abundance of the Upper Venosta Valley holiday area in a special way.

The popular Sonnensteig Trail runs from Burgusio/Burgeis to Spondigna/Spondinig, forming part of the thematic trails in Upper Venosta Valley. Along the way, hikers learn about the history, the Romanesque church of St. Benedict and of the characteristic irrigation channel paths. They also learn something of the local mythology and the local flora and fauna inhabiting the valley, with its special microclimate. The Sonnensteig Trail begins at the western outskirts of Burgusio and leads past the Marienberg Abbey. It passes the Oberwaal Trail and leads up to the archaeological prehistoric site of Ganglegg. This unchallenging hiking trip ends at the train station of Spondigna/Spondinig.

The border town of Tubre/Taufers in the Münstertal Valley is rich in artistic and cultural treasures of inestimable value. A pleasant themed trail leading through meadows, forests, villages and countless protected historic buildings, connects eight churches from different periods providing hikers and art-lovers the opportunity of gain a reasonably comprehensive understanding of the place, from its historical background to contemporary rural life, still steeped in numerous traditions. The ruins of the Rotund and Reichenberg Castles bear testimony of an extraordinary history that even today still reverberates across the valley.

The Venosta Valley High Mountain Trail is an unique experience for passionate hikers. The 108 km-long several day tour, which offers a view of the Ortler Group, reaches from the Lower Venosta Valley to the Resia Pass at the three-country-border along the diverse vegetation of the sun-drenched mountains. Hikers and nature lovers can enjoy a clear view of the high glaciers.

The 360° Panoramic Trail offers hikers breathtaking 360° panorama views of the surrounding mountains.