One of the best fishing spots of the region is in Upper Venosta Valley, near the Adige River current from the outlet of the Haidersee lake to the bridge in Spondigna/Spondinig, on the Rambach stream from the Calven Bridge to the inlet of the Adige River, or on the Punibach stream tailwater from Malles/Malles to the run-in of the Saldurbach stream.

The state fishing licence costs €32.00 and is valid for 10 years. It can be purchased at the State Office for Hunting and Fishing.
Day tickets for the Burgeiser Bergsee, Haidersee and Fauler See lakes are available at the Mals information office and cost € 15.00.
A maximum of 4 fish may be caught per fishing trip. Used day tickets must be returned to the information office after two days at the latest.

Due to the law for the protection of aquatic habitats and sustainable fishing, fishing is not allowed in the waters of Pfaffensee, Zerzerbach and Metzbach in 2023.

In our area there are also some waters, where you can fish without license.
Glurns/ Glorenza: Fishing Lake 
Spondinig/ Spondignia: Fishing Lake
Stilfs/ Stelvio: Fishing Lake

Our tip: more information about fishing you can found in the German or Italian description.