In Tarces/Tartsch is situated the mystical Tarces hill with its Romanesque San Vito church. The hill formed by a glacier rises visibly above the Malles heath, it offers a panoramic view over Malles/Mals and Glorenza/Glurns and it is know as a place of strength. Very close by, behind Sluderno/Schluderns, is Ganglegg, the best-researched fortified hilltop settlement of the Bronze and Iron Age in the Alps. Traces of the Celts and Rhaetians as well as Roman antiquity can also be seen.
The Tarces hill was inhabited in prehistoric times and in antiquity. For archaeologists, this hill is considered the prehistoric center of the valley. An approximately 1.3-acre, now sunken settlement, was located here. Besides Roman coins, cup-marked stone and iron axes, a 2500-year old stag antler with Rhaetian inscription and the remains of a Rhaetian house from the 3rd or 4th century BC were found. In the interior of the hill, an unfinished WWII bunker, built between 1939-1942, was found.

All findings from Ganglegg can be seen in the Vintschger Museum. There is also an informative archaeological park with buildings and fortifications from that time at the site.