The ancient Pala pear trees can still be found in the Upper Venosta Valley. The high, knotted trees are dotted around the landscape, often at the roadsides or on village greens. The sweet Pala pear has always been considered particularly healthy, and once used to be prescribed by doctors and pharmacies.

In the Upper Venosta Valley, this almost extinct pear, was first was mentioned under the name Pilli Palli pear in the Coira Castle chronicle in 1755. It is still used in many different dishes, for example in the Christmas loaf with diced pear or the Pala pear bread (Palabirabrot). It is also very popular as a classy distillate.

At the beginning of Steptember the historic town of Glorenza/Glurns in Venosta Valley is characterized by the Palabira, or the Pala pear. At the The Pala Pear Days of Venosta Valley, specialties dedicated to this ancient pear variety can be tasted and purchased.