The Upper Venosta Valley is culturally distinct from its environs. It encompasses Malles Heath (Malser Haide) and the Stelvio National Park (Italy's largest nature reserve), where the Ortler mountain range majestically rises. Numerous castles, churches, abbeys and medieval towns characterize the regions bordering Switzerland and Austria. The natural monuments can best be appreciated by means of guided village tours, including the underground bunkers.

Unique hiking possibilities are to be found in the Upper Venosta Valley, for example the trails flanking the ancient irrigation channels, or the relaxing walking tours through unspoiled forests. The Upper Venosta Valley is also characterized by an exemplary synergy between humans and nature. Traditional markets, Alpine pastures and grain-cultivation have continued unchanged for centuries. Local producers offer Alpine dairy cheeses and milk products, fruit and regional bread types from the Venosta Valley, once known as the granary of Tyrol and purpose created cultural organizations as Adam und Epfl are there to ensure that these traditions are kept alive.